22 Kitchen Tools For Healthy Cooking

Do you wish to cook healthy meals for your family? The kitchen is the center of most of the household, and it is necessary to have the reliable gadgets that will be useful in the long run. Cooking healthy foods take up loads of time and planning along with preparation which consumes, even more, time other than cooking. But, your efforts can only go to waste if you do not have proper cooking tools. With the right tools, one will be able to cook quickly and perform the tasks that would otherwise be impossible to perform. Cooking skills can be considered as the key to healthy eating. The modern day tools enhance these skills. We will present to you a list of kitchen tools that will make cooking easier and quicker for you. These tools can either be purchased online or can be bought from the nearby supermarket.

Electric Kitchen tools

The first one on the list are electronic kitchen tools which can make work easier and also save you time. The electric kitchen tools increase productivity, have longer service life and lesser ventilation requirements. They also have a lower maintenance cost and also reduce clean up time. Here is a list of electric kitchen tools one needs to have:

  • Food processor

Food processor

The food processor is a must have electric appliance for your kitchen. It will help you in performing all the tedious tasks like dicing, slicing, chopping, shredding, kneading, mixing in very less time. The food processor will speed up the daily routine cooking tasks significantly. One should go for the processor with a powerful motor that will be able to chop the hardest vegetables or fruits for you.

The food processors now come with a blender too. The mixer can help you blend solid food into semi-liquid food. You will be able to make shakes, smoothies, and creamy foods by using a blender.

  • Electronic Kitchen Scale

Electronic Kitchen Scale

Many recipes require exact measurement of the spices or other foods to be added. Especially baking requires precise measurement of flour, sugar, baking soda, etc. This is why one needs an Electronic scale. An electronic scale will allow you to measure exact amount for the food to be cooked. Measuring might be the only difference between a healthy and delicious meal or a cooking disaster.

  • Stick Blender

Stick Blender

One should own both Stick Blender and standard blender. Stick blender allows one to blend the food directly in the pot or container in which it is cooked. This can reduce the mess. If you do not want stick blender or cannot afford one, then you can continue working with Normal blender.

  • Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

Do you like to take coffee or tea in bed or save time while cooking stuff that requires boiling water? If yes, then all you need is electric kettle. Just turn the switch on and minimize the time and effort needed to cook pasta, soup, noodles etc. Just add hot water to the item to be cooked and enjoy the meal.

Essential Kitchen tools for preparing food

One can never just start preparing the meal one desires to cook. All this is a lengthy and time-consuming process. This can be made more and more difficult if you do not have the right tools for preparing food. This is why you need to choose the desired as well as essential kitchen tools for preparing food. The kitchen tools that one will need to do preparation for cooking food include.

  • Quality cutting knives

 Quality cutting knives

Buy a set of good, convenient and sharp knives that will be able to cut the hardest vegetables or fruits like celery or pineapple and that too quickly. If one does not own a good knife set, she will surely start avoiding cutting fruits and vegetables which will be difficult to cut. This may lead to cooking unhealthy food which you would never like to cook for your family.

  • Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener

The edges of the knives van go blunt if used continuously. This is why one needs to have a quality knife sharpener. The honing steel only aligns the edges and does not sharpen the knife. But, if you want to sharpen the knife then you need to get a two stage sharpener which will sharpen your knives in a  few minutes.

  • Cutting boards

Cutting boards

The cutting board is used for cutting red meat, chicken, vegetables, and fruits. For red meat and chicken, you need to get separate plastic boards. Plastic boards and cleaned as well as sanitized best in the dishwasher. Plastic boards should regularly be changed because they can get deep cuts and house huge amount of bacteria. Plastic cutting boards are available in a wide range of colors. You need to get wooden cutting boards for fruits and vegetables.

  • Bowls


Mixing Bowls are not just for baking. They can be used for marinating meat along with kneading, draining, making sauces, seasoning veggies, making dips and mixing different ingredients.

Serving bowls are a must-have for large family dinners whereas salad bowls can allow you to serve the salads with a large number of fruits and vegetables or Russian salads.

Simple bowls can be used for serving ice creams and desserts to the guests.

  • Measuring spoons and cups

Measuring spoons and cups

No need to worry if you do not have an electric kitchen scale. All you need to do is purchase measuring spoons and cups. Cups are useful for measuring liquids like milk for cooking or baking purpose whereas spoons can be utilized to measure spices or sugar etc.

  • Pestle and Mortar

Pestle and Mortar

Fresh spices give a unique and fresh taste to your food. A Pestle and Mortar allow you to grind spices and herbs or mix them with essential oils. You need a heavy, strong and robust pestle and mortar that will be able to sustain heavy grinding pressure.

  • Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable Peeler

One needs a simple hand-held vegetable peeler which will save time and make work easier. The complicated peeler gadgets make work difficult and also make a mess. A horizontal handheld peeler can help in cutting slices of vegetables like cucumber or eggplants. Whereas a handheld vertical peeler can be held like a knife for peeling the vegetables.

  • Colander


A colander is a container made of steel or plastic and has a perforated bottom. One can drain water from pasta or boiled rice along with washing vegetable or fruits. This is an item that one can use forever as it will not break. It would be better to choose the colander that has non-slip hands.

  • Grater


Graters are used for shredding cheese, chocolates and vegetables like carrots, potatoes, zucchini, etc. Although food can be grated in the food processor but, if you need to grate the foods like garlic or ginger directly into food or do not wash the processor for a small amount of food, then food grater is what you need to purchase.

  • Salad Spinner

Salad Spinner

If you want to prevent your green vegetables that are to be used in the salad from being soggy, then you surely need a salad spinner. All the user needs to do is press the button, and the salad spinner will do its work. It also comes with a brake to apply a brake whenever the user wants. It can also serve the purpose of a water drainer and a bowl for serving the salad too.

Essential Kitchen tools for Cooking

After making all the essentials for the dish, one needs the perfect kitchen tools that will help them in cooking a healthy meal. If the cooking utensil is not of quality, then there can be many disadvantages of them. Here is list of kitchen tools that one should purchase:

  • Pans and pots

There are a variety of cooking pans available in the market:

  1. Grill Pans

Grill Pans

Grill pans will give you grill marks and retain higher temperatures much better than other materials. A square shaped pan will give you biggest cooking surface.

  1. Frying Pans

Frying Pans

You need to choose stainless steel and cast iron pans as other pans have proved to be toxic and can contaminate the food in them.

  • Lidded pots

There is a wide range of lidded pots available in a variety of sizes and different materials.

1.Stainless Steel Skillet

Stainless Steel Skillet (1)

Stainless Steel Skillet can serve the purpose of frying, searing, sautéing, and browning and serve as workhouse of your kitchen. Always go for high quality and expensive Stainless Steel Skillet as it can last a lifetime.

2.Sauté Pan

Sauté Pan

It has a flat and wide bottom and sides go a little higher than the Stainless steel skillet. One can use Sauté Pan to braise meat and cook sauces.

3.Sauce Pan

Sauce Pan

Sauce Pan is available in small, medium and large sizes. It is lightweight and easy to handle. Users can cook soups, pasta, stews and sauces in it. It is often dishwasher safe and can be put in the oven or even broiler. They cook evenly and are extremely durable.

4.Baking and Roasting Sheet Pan

Baking and Roasting Sheet Pan

A baking sheet pan, also known as sheet pan, baking sheet or baking tray, is used for baking or roasting food in the oven. If you love to bake a high-quality baking sheet is a must have. It is easy to clean, is sturdy and light weight. If you put parchment paper on the baking tray before baking then you will not have to wash the baking dish.

5.Broiler Pan

Broiler Pan

Broiler pan is made of metal and is rectangular in shape. It does not warp under the heat and has grooves so that any dripping material can be caught in the draining pan below it. This saves the oven from being stained. It is much thicker as compared to a baking tray. It is easy to clean. If you love nice brown crusty food, then broiling is the right option.

6.Aluminium Foil

Stainless Steel Skillet (2)

Aluminium foil is the best thing you can have in your kitchen. It can serve multiple purposes. One can use Aluminium foil while preparing for cooking, in cooking and storing food. If you want to enjoy baked fish, meat or vegetables with their juices, then you can make small containers from Aluminium foil. You do not have exact sized lid for covering the baking or roasting tray then you can wrap the food to be roasted or baked with Aluminium foil. It will retain the heat inside and cook a delicious meal perfectly.

7.Food Storage Containers

Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers can serve the purpose of storing cooked food along with raw materials needed for cooking. They can keep the food fresh for longer periods. They are available in plastic, glass as well as metal. They can seal the taste and keep everything tidy and managed. One can also just glance through the containers and see what items need to be restocked. By attaching a name tag to each container, one can easily find desired spice or food item quickly. While glancing through the fridge one will know the leftover items and by not forgetting them one will be throwing out less food as well as money.

Everyone wants to feed their family healthy food. This is essential to keep them healthy and proceed and succeed in the world. Although cooking a healthy meal can become tough if one does not have all the necessary cooking tools in the kitchen. All the people working do not have enough time to cook a healthy meal and not having the right tools also does not want them to go to the kitchen to cook. But, the appliances, tools, and accessories available have made this process easy, and one saves time and money too. The tools mentioned above will help you in cooking a healthy meal without any fuss, and you will need less time for cleaning after cooking the meal. If you like the article and find it useful, do not forget to share the list of tools for healthy cooking with your friends and family. Also, share your experience in the comments.

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  1. A basket steamer is a must for a kitchen. This handy kitchen gadget is an easy way to keep those veggies healthy! Vegetables are steamed rather than being submersed in water, therefore, retaining their color, texture, and nutritional value.

  2. Having just read your post “What’s The Safest & Healthiest Cookware?”, which advises avoiding all aluminium pans and aluminium foil, I’m appalled to see in this article you advise that aluminium foil is an “essential” kitchen aid. Makes me completely doubt your recommendations about safety of cookware, reinforced by already doubting your suggestions about silicone!

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