Scanpan CTX 10-Piece Deluxe Set

Scanpan CTX 10-Piece Deluxe Set

If you are looking for a cookware set that combines the quality of aluminum-stainless steel construction and ceramic, Scanpan CTX 10-piece deluxe set may be what you are looking for. With the cookware pieces in the set, you will be able to brown, sear and deglaze any type of foods. Whether you have induction or any type of cooktops, you will be able to use any of the piece of cookware in this set for cooking on it. With the stainless steel construction and ceramic titanium coating, the set will last for a lifetime for you. Here are the features of the product that mark it out from other products in the market.

Features of Scanpan CTX 10-Piece Deluxe Set

The set has a product feature of 25 x 12 x 11 inches and a shipping weight of 25.1 pounds.

It is available in silver color.

The set comprises 10 pieces of different sizes and types of cookware. The cookware pieces in the set includes 7-1/2-Quart Dutch Oven with Lid, 8-Inch and 10-1/4 inch fry pans and 2-3/4 Quart and 2-Quart saucepans with lids.

The set has an impressive durability and will last for a lifetime thanks to the premium stainless steel used in creating it.

It delivers even and rapid heat conduction and distribution right round the cookware thanks to the multi-layer fused construction used in creating it. The interior surface of the pot is created with recycled aluminum core combined with ceramic titanium free from PFOA. The interior is also non-stick and thus, you do not need to apply any oil on the surface for the cookware to be non-stick and to release all your food. In this way, you save your oil. The exterior of the pieces of cookware in the set on the other hand is made from premium grade 18/10 stainless steel.

The cookware pieces in the set are oven and broiler safe. You will be able to transfer the food from the cooktop directly to the oven for browning.

The product comes with glass windowed lids to make it possible for the chefs to view the foods without having to remove the lids.

The cookware can easily be washed with in a dishwasher or by hands.


  • The product offers an impressive durability.
  • It has a lifetime nonstick scanpan coating which makes cooking healthy. The surface is scratch resistant and does not flake off making it suitable for cooking.
  • The lids covers perfectly to prevent any heat, nutrient, moisture an flavor loss.
  • The set contains every type of cookware you will need in your kitchen.


  • It is highly expensive.
  • The nonstick feature may fizzle out with usage (this is the experience of some consumers in Amazon).


Scanpan CTX is a high end product. However, the high cost is justified by the impressive cooking performance, durability and easy-to-maintain features of the product. If you purchase the product, you will gain value for your money. The product will last for a lifetime for you insofar as you keep to the instructions contained in the user manual. If you have made up your mind to purchase this product, check on Amazon. You will find impressive offer in the site. Click here to benefit from Amazon offer. Protection Status