WearEver C943SA Nonstick Ceramic Cookware set 10-Piece

WearEver C943SA Nonstick Ceramic Cookware set 10-Piece

You really need an excellent set of cookware pieces in your kitchen to make it more functional and to make cooking a lot easier for yourself. Cooking becomes easier, quicker and impressive when you are cooking with a cookware piece that delivers quick and even heat without having any hot spot. Ease of washing, durability and versatility are other features that chefs consider when they are out there in the market to shop for a quality cookware set. These features are exactly what you will get if you have WearEver C943SA in your kitchen. It is a set of 10 pieces of cookware suitable for both individuals and families of different sizes. Read on to know more about this product.

Features of WearEver C943SA Nonstick Ceramic Cookware set 10-Piece

The product is available in red color.

It has a product weight of 14 pounds and product dimensions of 18 x 14 x 12 inches.

This set features heavy gauge aluminum core construction and ceramic base for efficient and even heat transfer as well as impressive durability.

The interior of the cookware pieces in the set releases food easily without retaining any portion thanks to its non-stick feature. You will save on oil also as you require fewer quantities that you will ordinarily require. The interior of the pieces of cookware in the set is also scratch and stain resistant. It does not flake or react with your food changing its taste or color.This feature makes it healthy to cook with. Besides, the coating material is free from PTFE.

The cookware pieces of this set are strongly created to withstand high heat and temperature up to 750 degree F. With this feature, the set is great for searing.

The silicone handles of the set are secured strongly for balance and convenient lifting with rivets. The handles can withstand a temperature of up to 350 degree F.

The set contains 10 pieces of cookware which include 3.5 quart covered skillet, 5-quart covered dutch oven, 10.5 inch saute pan, 8-inch saute pan, 3-quart covered saucepan and two nylon tools.

The cookware is environmental friendly because the coating materials contains no PTFA-Free, Cadmium and PFOA-Free. It is also recyclable and scratch resistant.

It can be used on any cooktop except induction. It is oven safe up to 350 degree.

It can also be washed either by hands or dishwasher.


  • The pieces are rightly sized to accommodate every need.
  • The set offers impressive heat distribution without causing any hot spot.
  • The pieces have impressive visual appeal. You can use it to serve food directly on the table. Besides, the cookware can also be used to store food in the freezer. The red color goes well with many kitchen decor.
  • The lids fits properly and tightly giving no room for escape of heat, moisture and flavor.


  • You may have storage problem if you don’t have spacious kitchen because you are not supposed to stack them when storing them.


WearEver C943SA should be an option for any person that wants nice looking best ceramic cookware sets that can also be used to serve food directly on the table. Owning this product is a good investment of money and time. If you save money to purchase it, you will gain value for your money. Finding a great deal on this product should not be a nightmare for you. Just visit Amazon, you will find a great deal there. Click here to take advantage of the offer available in Amazon.

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