Unleashing The Secret To Prepare The Perfect Oil Cured Olives

Have you ever tried oil cured olives? Well if not then you surely have missed out on a great treat. Oil cured olives are the ones that are macerated in the oil for many months. Now the advantage of the curing process is that it removes the bitterness in the olives. They look quite wrinkly and shrivelled.  After the curing process the olives look more like prunes. The interesting part is that you can add a bit of innovation while curing the olives. For example, you can add herbs and spices to add more flavour to the olives. Well I will just tell you all the details about the curing process so that you can manage it on your own as well.

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Key ingredients for oil curing

Here is a list of ingredients you will require for oil curing.

  • 2 pounds black olives
  • 1 pound Kosher salt


  1. Take a pillow case and add the black olives in the pillow case.
  2. Next add in the kosher salt in the pillow case. Make sure that the olives and salt mix well. The olives should be covered with the salt.
  3. You need to hang the pillow case. The olive juice will drip from the pillow case.
  4. You need to mix your olives once every week. You need to ensure that every time you mix your olives they should be well covered with the salt.
  5. The olives easily get cured in about six weeks, but there are chances that they might be ready in a month as well.
  1. Once a month is up then you can take out the olives. Appearance wise the olives need to look wrinkly. When you taste them then they need to be salty and a bit bitter.
  2. At this time you can remove the salt from the olives.
  3. Next take a cookie sheet and arrange the olives. You should allow the olives to dry overnight.
  4. When the olives have dried up overnight then you need to add the salt. You will need ¼ pound of salt for 2 pounds of olives. Now you should store these olives in an air tight container.
  5. Now when you feel like eating these olives then you can boil these olives in water for just a few seconds. This will help to remove some of the extra salt.
  6. Now comes the curing part. The best way to get the maximum flavour from these olives is that you should leave them in olive oil for about a day.
  7. The best part is that you can herbs and spices to the olive oil as well. You can add sage, oregano, thyme or rosemary. For extra flavour you can add black pepper, lemon zest or cumin as well to the olive oil. If you flavour the olive oil the oil cured olives will taste much better. Make sure that you consume the olives in just a few weeks’ time.

I hope that the process I described above is clear to you. If you have any queries or questions do feel free to share them and I will ensure that I get back with your answers at the earliest. If you have any feedback I will definitely welcome that as well. Last, but not the least if you appreciate the way I have given the details do not forget to click the share button. I will definitely want more people to know about the curing process so that they can try this process with olives as well.


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