Unveiling the Benefits of Olive Oil

Are you obsessed with the fact that you should be eating healthy? Well if you are thinking on these lines then let me tell you that you are not alone in this. I can just recall an incidence 6 months back when a friend of mine told me about the health benefits of olive oil and I was searching like crazy on the internet. I even consulted a nutritionist to find out the truth. Well the reality is that olive oil is truly healthy and I will tell you what I found when I did an extensive research on my own.

The unending benefits of olive oil

I have now started to feel that olive oil is the healthiest item in your kitchen cabinet and here are the reasons why.

The unending benefits of olive oil
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The cancer fighting properties of olive oil: Well phytonutrients are present in the olive oil. The Oleocanthal present in the olive oil acts like ibuprofen and can help to reduce inflammation. These phytonutrients can actually prevent breast cancer and can avoid a reoccurrence of this disease as well. Lignans and Squalene are also essential components of olive oil because of their possible benefits against cancer.

Fight the risk of Type 2 Diabetes with olive oil: It is assumed that diets that are rich in fat are the root cause of several diseases like heart disease and cancer. However, as per recent research it is not the quantity of fat that leads to the diseases. The type of fat you consume decides whether you are vulnerable to the diseases or not. If your diet is rich in monosaturated fats then these fats actually prevent you from diseases. This means that if you consume olive oil then it will be beneficial for your and will help you fight several diseases like diabetes.

If you decide to opt for Mediterranean style diet that is rich in olive oil then it can cut down your risk of diabetes to about 50 percent.

Olive oil the perfect remedy for a stroke: If you consume olive oil on a daily basis then you can reduce your risk of a stroke.  A research was conducted in France and the medical records of about 7,625 individuals were collected. All these individuals were above 65 years of age and belonged to three different cites of France. All of these people had a history of stroke. These individuals were then categorised into different groups depending upon their daily consumption of olive oil.

When the records were looked up again after 5 years it was found out that participants who consumed extra virgin olive oil on a daily basis were able to cut down on the risk of a stroke by 41 percent.

Olive oil helps to keep your heart healthy: When we start to grow older her heart also goes through the process of ageing. There is a possibility that the arteries might not function well. If you consume a diet that is rich in olive oil then it can definitely help to improve the function of your heart and the arteries.

Shun Osteoporosis through olive oil: Osteoporosis reduces the bone mass and it can cause the bone tissue to become fragile. When you consume olive oil then it helps the thickness of the bones as well.

Olive Oil helps depression: Now this one of the most surprising benefits of olive oil, but yes, it does help in depression. University of Navarra researchers did a research and they were in for some pleasant surprise. They found out that a high consumption of olive oil can reduce depression related risk.


I think what I have mentioned so far is enough to convince you that you need to start using olive oil if you wish to fight various diseases. However, I personally recommend that you should go for extra virgin olive oil as it has the maximum health benefits. Try to come up with creative recipes and ideas to introduce olive oil and see the benefits for yourself. Do let me know your experience of using olive oil and how it has helped you. We all can learn more through each other’s experience. Do let me know your feedback.

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