Egg Storage tips: How long can you keep eggs, Save your life longer!

As a matter of the fact that egg is a kind of food storing high significant amounts of protein and choline – the indigents supplement nutritious for our daily routines.  This is the reason why eggs are claimed as be an indispensable ingredient that appears every day in my meals, your meals and in our whole life.

Although eggs bring us many benefits in life and all of us eat them every day, we may not know deeply about the dangers we will meet if we are not well – known about how to cook, eat and keep them in a right way.

So, today, in this article, let’s find out more information for the safe storage and the best usage by making the following questions clearer:

How do you know when eggs are bad?

Each of egg is obviously covered by a thick eggshell so that we hardly determine whenever it is good or bad for using, especially in case we want to buy it, unless we make them broken. But, this may waste much time for us and also waste money when we buy eggs in the market.

I would like to suggest you some tips to help you to recognize whether egg is good or bad.

  • Tip 1: Prepare a bowl or a wide glass of cold water and then put the egg in. After that, we observe the egg. If it is floating, it is not a fresh egg and may be bad. To check whether you can eat or not, you should break it out. It’s unsafe to enjoy in case it has bad smell.
  • Tip 2: Through the sound you can hear when you hold the egg up to your ear and shake it. A bad egg, obviously, makes a sloshing sound.
  • Tip 3: Check the date and time.

The expiration date is often written on the egg. So basing on that date, you can know it’s safe or not safe to eat.

How long can you keep eggs?

The time for keeping an egg depends on the environment, temperature and what kind of eggs. It’s very hard to identify exactly when the egg is born to know how long we can keep it.

Generally, people keep the egg by basing on the expiration day printed on the eggshell. In some cases, people buy raw eggs from farmers so there will be no date on it. We can keep them for up to 5 weeks from the purchase date.

For eggs that boiled, the time for keeping is very brief if they’re out of the fridge. It can be used just 2 -3 hours after boiled. To keep it longer, we should put in the fridge.

How long can you keep eggs in the refrigerator?


Refrigerator is considered as a good storage for us to last the age of eggs since the temperature inside can remain eggs more constant then outside the refrigerator. Moreover, eggs need to be in the coldest part of the fridge instead, preferably in their original carton.

According to the result of some expert, for the raw eggs, the eggs in the shell and stored in the refrigerator can be good for three to five weeks.

For the hard – boiled eggs – the fresh eggs boiled for about 10 minutes, we can keep it in fridge within shorter time. It may last about a week. It doesn’t matter if you peel it or not. The saving time seems similar. However, to make the eggs better in use, put them properly and carefully in a bowl of the cold water and remember to change the water day by day, in addition, you also can keep them in a sealed container without water for the similar storage time.

However, the different factors can also affect on their remaining time such as time for boiling and temperature when we boil them.

How long does it take to boil a dozen eggs?


There is a variety of food made from eggs. But boiled egg is not only a very delicious meal people choose to enjoy but also an easily cooked meal ever.

Why do I consider this meal as an easily cooked one? It’s because time for boiling them is not too much. And it mainly depends on the strength of fire and the size of the pan that you are using. In the general condition, it may be assumed that take you from 8 minutes to 15 minutes to boil a dozen eggs.

How long can cooked eggs sit out?

As I mention above, a boiled egg that is kept for a long time in room temperature is not a good and safe meal for your health. It can be eaten safely only when it was cooked and properly with enough hot temperature and keep properly in the fridge.

For the room temperature condition, eggs are just used about 2 – 3 hours after cooked.

In summarize so far, because of its indispensable role in your daily meal, handling the saving and cooking time and being well – know about how to keep the raw eggs as well as the boiled eggs and the peeled eggs that I suggested above will absolutely help you and your family to identify clearly whether the eggs are fresh or bad to eat and also bring the best choice for your family members’ safe meal.

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